Surgical Care

Advancing the latest surgical techniques and technology from the most routine, minimally invasive to complicated, highly complex surgeries

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The Future of Surgery, Delivered with Expertise and Care

At RMC, we are leaders in an array of surgical services from elective to non-elective surgeries and to the most delicate specialized surgeries. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, RMC’s experienced team of surgeons perform more than 7,000 area surgeries each year. From the least invasive procedure to a highly complex operation, RMC’s Surgical Services equipment and staff are prepared to help heal patients on a round-the-clock basis.

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Our board-certified surgeons are highly specialized in the areas of cardiothoracic surgery, emergency medicine and trauma surgery, otolaryngology (ENT) surgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery (breast), orthopedic surgery, urology surgery, general surgery, and vascular surgery.

Our surgical specialists are innovators and use the latest techniques, like laparoscopic surgeries and the da Vinci robotic platform, to ensure the best possible outcome and care, while being minimally invasive. We also provide oncological surgical services for men and women including some of the most common prostatectomy, gynecologic surgeries.

RMC’s Surgical Services team are well-equipped and experienced with the latest minimally invasive surgical technology. With a 10-suite operating room area, RMC offers same-day surgery, mini-surgery and inpatient surgery.

Common surgical procedures offered at RMC include:

• General surgery
• Anti-reflux surgery
• Cardiovascular surgery
• Thoracic surgery

• Vascular surgery
• Endoscopic procedures
• Orthopedic surgery
• Oncology procedures

• Pediatric surgery
• Kidney surgery
• Ear, Nose and Throat surgery
• Plastic surgery

• Reconstructive surgery (Breast)
• Urology procedures
• Ophthalmologic surgery
• OB/GYN procedures

For more information on RMC’s Surgical Services, please call (256) 235-5885 or contact your doctor.

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