Updated 5/20/21

Updated Visitation Policy (3/5)

Effective May 20, 2021 at 7:00 PM, we have updated both hospitals' Visitation Policy: Non-COVID visitors are now allowed one overnight visitor and 2 support persons during the day, without ability to rotate.

Radiology and Imaging

RMC provides a comprehensive range of imaging technologies and services to help physicians diagnose and treat disease and illness.  Our imaging centers are designed to create a more relaxing environment for an enhanced patient experience.

We have multiple locations at RMC that provide a full range of radiology/imaging services for the convenience of our patients.  Please refer to each section below to determine where you will need to have these radiology/imaging procedures performed.

For more information on RMC Imaging & Radiology Services, please call (256) 235-5277.

The following radiology/imaging services are located at the following locations:

radiology imaging services locations

Stringfellow Radiology Center

Meet Our Team

From angiography and x-rays to complex endoscopic procedures and digital mammography, we offer a full spectrum of advanced imaging services delivered by caring, knowledgeable technologists.

A Closer Look at You

Stringfellow Memorial offers a full range of technologically advanced imaging services to provide patients with high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services. Our imaging and radiology services teams provide exceptional care and work with doctors, nurses and other clinicians to deliver the comprehensive care that Stringfellow Memorial is known for. Our digital imaging technology allows doctors to access test results immediately, so treatment can begin more quickly.