Pediatrics Center Anniston, AL

Pediatrics are considered one of the most important fields of medicine. It refers to treating children and adolescents, beginning with prenatal care and continuing from birth right through to adolescence. RMC Health’s pediatric center has an impressive staff complement consisting of specialist pediatricians, nurses, and healthcare assistants who provide a full range of high-quality pediatric services for prenatal, newborns, and infants.

Our Commitment

Our pediatric care team is committed to making children and parents as comfortable as possible and providing a welcoming environment with friendly, caring staff. Our range of services aims to keep families and infants healthy. Our pediatricians take your child’s health as seriously as you do.

Pediatric Services At RMC

At RMC Anniston, your children’s health is our first priority. Our expert team of pediatrics and family care physicians at our Women’s and Children’s Pavilion in Anniston, AL complex offer top-class family health care focusing on new parents, newborns, and family health. Whether they need a routine check-up or specialized treatment, our pediatricians and healthcare professionals are experienced and ready to guide you through the necessary services.

Emergency Care When You Need It

We offer world-class emergency pediatric care with relevant referrals to Children’s of Alabama for non-life-threatening cases. With routine family health care, our team of experts can pick up on any irregularities and refer you accordingly for inpatient care. No matter what, your child’s health will be treated as a top priority.

At RMC Health, we provide a range of the highest quality pediatric care services in Anniston, Al, including:

General Physicals and Examinations

Annual or regular physicals and examinations are part of routine care in pediatrics as an infant grows rapidly from birth to adolescence. This rapid growth can come with challenges or concerns for any parent. This makes it essential to stay ahead of these changes through annual physicals and examinations for the whole family. We offer various physicals for specific events such as school, camping trips, and sporting events too!

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Prenatal Counseling

At RMC Health, we offer prenatal health care and counseling services to expectant parents expecting healthy babies and those with a possible health condition. Our dedicated doctors and specialists will meet with you before your baby is born to explain their health condition during prenatal counseling.

With a compassionate and dedicated doctor on their side, any expectant parent can feel at ease about their options and the choices ahead of them. At your appointment, we will discuss the care your baby is likely to require with you. This will assist you in preparing for their birth and making informed decisions. Contact our team to schedule a prenatal counseling appointment or for additional information on the services available at RMC Health System in Anniston, Alabama.

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Newborn and Infant Care

The first few months of life can be full of hurdles—at RMC Health System, we offer care from the very first breath. Families with new babies are our priority to ensure each child gets the best possible start in life. These appointments offer you and your child’s doctor a chance to address any concerns about growth and development and any queries you might have as a parent.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Acute and Chronic Illness

Our team offers treatment and counseling plans for parents of children that are sick—as well as dedicated referrals to specialists where needed.

As expert care providers, we can offer your child top-class monitoring. With our care and understanding of patients’ conditions, we can work with their families to ensure they heal and have the highest quality treatment plan possible.

Immunizations and Screenings

At RMC Health System, prevention is better than a cure—our team of doctors offers routine screenings for preventable childhood illnesses and treatment plans for those who have contracted any diseases. Routine immunizations are also available as a service from our team.

Other Disorders and Services

At RMC Health, we cater to new patients, returning and regular patients that have chronic conditions as well as patients that are in

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Adolescent Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Pediatric Surgery


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The Importance Of Pediatric Care

Across the globe, a high standard of pediatric care is of the utmost importance. It can help prevent long-term illness and suffering while promoting lifelong health. At RMC Health System, we offer our pediatric patients world-class care right in the heart of Anniston, AL! Contact our office to start your family on the road to excellent health!