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Updated Visitation Policy (8/11)

Effective August 11, 2021 at 7:00 AM, we have updated both hospitals' Visitation Policy: Non-COVID inpatients are now allowed one overnight visitor and one nonrotating support person during the day. Read the full policy for details here.

Orthopedic Types of Care

Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises with his therapistThe renowned orthopedic surgery team at RMC uses the most advanced treatment to provide comprehensive care for patients with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including degenerative diseases; arthritis; nerve compression injuries; muscle, ligament and tendon injuries; muscle sprains and strains; and tumors.

Our sought after orthopedic surgeons coordinate patients’ care with a multidisciplinary team of specialists as needed, to provide the most comprehensive services and specialize in all types of orthopedic surgery, including the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures.

  • Surgical treatments RMC also provides includes:
  • Arthroscopy for hips, shoulders, knees, elbows and ankles
  • Ligament reconstruction
  • Orthopedic spine surgery
  • Meniscus repair and replacement
  • Elbow, shoulder, knee and hip replacement
  • Fracture repair
  • Sports-related injury repair


RMC offers patients full spectrum of treatment services for hip or knee joint replacement from diagnosis, surgical or nonsurgical intervention through a patients’ full rehabilitation. The RMC Joint Replacement Program has been recognized by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama as a Blue Distinction Center of Excellence for Hip/Knee Replacements.

We are committed to providing patients with an environment that fosters healing and rapid recovery so that patients are back on their feet and enjoying everything that life has to offer. In a healing atmosphere with the most advanced medical care, cutting-edge technologies and nursing, physical/occupational therapy staff, our goal Is to have you up and back to an active and healthy lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. Because we specialize and have been accredited for our joint replacement program, you’re in great hands with the RMC orthopedic team for your joint replacement.

At RMC, patients are treated by a dedicated team of board-certified orthopedists who and an orthopedic clinical team for joint replacement care, including:

  • Joint replacement patients, including total hip, knee and shoulder replacement
  • Joint replacement revisions
  • Bilateral hip or knee replacement
  • Uni-compartmental knee replacement

Our orthopedic surgeons at RMC offer patients choices when it comes to optimizing their joint health. In some cases, arthroscopy may be recommended to relieve joint pain. This is a common minimally-invasive surgical procedure where a joint (arthro-) is viewed (-scopy) through a small camera and provides orthopedic surgeons a clear view of the inside of the joint and facilitates diagnosis and treatment of many orthopedic injuries. Arthroscopy is performed through small incisions that allow for a pencil-sized camera and instruments to be inserted into the joint.

The inserted camera projects images of the interior of the joint onto a viewing monitor, and if a problem is detected, instruments are used to feel, repair or remove damaged tissue from the troubled area. An arthroscopic approach minimizes the size of surgical incisions and muscle/tissue trauma, which means less pain and a faster recovery for patients.

  • Knee – cartilage tears, inflamed tissue, wearing or injury of cartilage cushion, ligament tears
  • Shoulder – rotator cuff tendon tears, bone spurs, ligament repairs, inflamed tissue or loose cartilage, recurrent dislocations
  • Hip – bone spurs, dysplasia, inflammation, loose bone or cartilage fragments, infection

Sometimes after a long winter and months of inactivity, on the first beautiful spring day, it’s tempting to hit the tennis court for hours, or strap on the bike helmet and ride for miles. But be mindful that ‘weekend warriors’ – individuals who squeeze in all of your physical or sports activity during the weekend – can greatly increase their risk for injury. Preventing injuries by fitting in physical activity throughout the week is a great way to stave off a trip to the doctor. But if you experience that sports injuries any time of the year, RMC’s sports medicine physicians are ready to treat your injury and get you back into the game in no time.
Sports medicine involves diagnosis and treatment of injuries obtained through physical fitness and other exercise-related activity. Some of the most common sports injuries include:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Muscle strains
  • Ankle and foot sprains
  • Shin splints
  • Knee injuries
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Stress fractures

As a general rule, doctors suggest repetitive cycles of rest, ice, compression and elevation at the initial occurrence of a sports-related injury. However, many sports injuries require medical attention and sometimes include surgery and/or physical therapy.

Our sports medicine physicians are trained to handle various degrees of injuries and conditions resulting from physical activity. We offer the most advanced medical treatment options available, from preventative care to surgical procedures. It is our goal to get you back to what you love to do as quickly as possible.

The best prevention is by fitting in physical activity throughout the week. If you simply can’t find the time to go to the gym during the week, you can benefit from small steps to improve your muscle fitness. Ten minutes in the morning and evening to stretch can keep your muscles limber. Taking the stairs, or walking to lunch rather than driving, can increase your activity enough that your muscles don’t atrophy during the workweek. Even small increments of physical activity and movement can help to reduce injury.

Contact one of our experienced sports medicine physicians today if you have experienced a sports-related injury.


At RMC, we understand that injuries to your hand, wrist and upper extremities can be extremely painful and make it difficult to complete day-to-day tasks. If you experience pain in your hand or wrist, it is important you seek treatment to avoid long term problems.

Our team of board-certified orthopedic specialists offer advanced treatment options for these types of injuries. Our experienced team is committed to providing you comprehensive treatment — from diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

We specialize in identifying and treating the following hand, wrist and upper extremity injuries including:

  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Broken bones

The human foot and ankle are comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints and hundreds of muscles, tendons and ligaments. While our feet and ankles can withstand a great deal of pressure, foot and ankle problems are very common, especially in those that are physically active. An injury to your foot or ankle can put a major strain on your everyday life.

If you or someone you know is experiencing severe pain in this area, it is important you seek immediate medical attention. RMC’s team of orthopedic specialists offers advanced treatment options to help assess your injury and put you on a rapid and safe road to recovery.

Some of the foot and ankle services that RMC orthopedic experts provide treatment for include:

  • Sprains
  • Tears
  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Stringfellow Services

Comprehensive treatment for arthritis

Arthritis pain can prevent you from doing the things you love, and can make even the simplest movements a challenge. Stringfellow Memorial’s expert team of doctors, nurses and therapists work together to find an arthritis treatment plan that meets your unique needs. If you and your doctor decide the surgery is the best course of action, we offer state-of-the-art technology and utilize minimally invasive surgical options whenever possible.

We provide a full range of treatment options to help patients regain mobility and alleviate pain, including:

  • Medications and pain management therapies
  • Physical and occupational therapies
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Arthritis education, resources and support

Joint replacement for relief of chronic pain

Advances in medical technology have made joint replacement therapy a highly effective option to treat chronic joint pain from arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases or injury. Stringfellow Memorial’s multidisciplinary orthopedic care team includes orthopedic doctors, surgeons, pain management specialists and physical therapists who provide comprehensive care. We offer the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery, including:

  • Total joint replacement for knees, hips, elbows and shoulders
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Minimally invasive options

Comprehensive care through recovery

Part of our comprehensive care includes preparing our patients properly before surgery, as well as helping them recover their mobility. You’ll know what to expect before, during and after surgery. Our orthopedic care professionals are focused on providing exceptional care from diagnosis through recovery.

Special care for children’s orthopedic conditions

Stringfellow Memorial offers comprehensive treatment options to meet the unique orthopedic needs of growing children and adolescents. Our pediatric orthopedic team of professionals are experienced at working with young patients, and provide a supportive, caring environment for children and parents. Whether your child has a bone fracture or a complex congenital disorder, our doctors have the expertise to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Acute and chronic injuries to muscles, bones and joints
  • Bone and joint conditions
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Foot and hip development problems, including club foot and hip dysplasia
  • Limb deformities
  • Lower-extremity disorders in children, including knock knees and bowleggedness
  • Pediatric and adolescent sports injuries
  • Spinal deformities, such as scoliosis and spondylolisthesis

At Stringfellow Memorial, we tailor our care and services to meet a growing child’s changing needs, providing ongoing medical care, rehabilitation and support services for every stage in your child’s development.

 Helping you return to your sport as soon as possible

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a recreational competitor, an injury can prevent you from enjoying your sport, and can even make everyday activities challenging. As an athlete, you want a doctor who has experience in sports medicine, and a care program that can help you regain mobility, strength and fitness.

Stringfellow Memorial’s sports medicine specialists are experienced at diagnosing and treating a wide range of sports-related injuries. Our sports medicine doctors work closely with rehabilitation specialists and athletic trainers to help you return to your sport as quickly as possible. We offer advanced diagnosis and treatment for a variety of sports injuries, including:

  • Dislocations
  • Sprains, strains and fractures
  • Neuromas and other nerve conditions
  • Ligament and muscle injuries and tears
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Shin splints
  • Tendonitis