Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

Despite their titles, sports medicine physicians do not only provide care to athletes. In fact, many of their patients may not even play sports.

Instead, sports medicine physicians would be better defined as physicians who provide comprehensive care for people who are looking to live a healthy, active lifestyle. They treat many different conditions and injuries that result from physical activity while also providing guidance on exercise regimens. In some cases, sports medicine physicians can refer patients to orthopedic specialists for more advanced treatments and surgeries.

When Should I See a Sports Medicine Physician?

You can see a sports medicine physician for many different reasons. Though minor sprains, fractures and other injuries from physical activity are all common reasons to see a sports medicine physician, there are plenty of situations where seeing a sports medicine physician without an injury can be beneficial to your health.

For example, you might consider seeing a sports medicine physician before beginning an exercise regimen or embarking on a hiking trip. Sports medicine physicians can give you advice and recommendations on ways to stay safe while staying active. They can also provide information about nutrition, supplements and exercise routines you should pursue to increase your fitness activities and live a healthier life.

If you have injured yourself while playing a sport or simply walking, a sports medicine physician can help you heal properly and prevent further injury. If you notice that your shoulder, knee or other body part has developed recurring pain or weakness over the years, this could be a sign of an overuse injury or arthritis. In either case, a sports medicine physician is a reliable resource for therapy and other treatments that can help alleviate your symptoms.