Occupational Health Medical Center

RMC is a leader in Alabama occupational medicine. The Tyler Center — our center for occupational health and wellness — is designed to help control and decrease both workers’ compensation claims and incidents of injuries with your employees. 

Our mission is to partner local employers with our occupational medical center to provide quality services. We emphasize prevention while striving to deliver convenient and cost-effective occupational health services possible.

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Why Choose RMC’s Occupational Health Center

We strive to serve our partnering companies with the utmost care. That’s why our occupational health clinic provides quality, timely, and accurate patient information to ensure a smooth transition process from employees’ work-related injuries to their return to work. 

The right care right here isn’t a tagline just for patients, it means providing access to a safe and healthy working environment for employees too. At RMC, we understand the importance of providing benefits to our workforce, which is why we want to help you provide the same through our occupational health center. Rest assured, partnering with us to meet your medical and therapy needs will leave your employees with the best care and treatment possible.

Workers’ Compensation

When a work-related medical injury happens on the job, RMC is here to provide injured employees with health services to ensure access to quality treatment and a speedy recovery. At our occupational medicine clinic. Employees are prepared for their return to work. 

Our team of qualified physicians is university-trained with years of medical experience treating the health and safety of workers. You can count on our occupational health team to clearly communicate throughout the entire process—from injury to treatment or therapy, to recovery. This should help reduce any interruptions to your workforce.

Drug And Alcohol Testing

A drug-free workforce is an important part of occupational health. With our drug and alcohol testing, you can count on the professionalism and accuracy that you need for your peace of mind. 

Because safety is one of our priorities, we are committed to helping employers create a safe and productive work environment. With drug and alcohol testing of employees, our occupational health center can potentially help you reduce liability costs.

Physical Exams

With our extensive experience in work-related injuries and illnesses, our health care services include comprehensive testing and medical exams. This covers the workforce of almost any industry or field. 

With our physical exams, we look for health-related problems or any injury that could possibly mean that employees aren’t performing at their very best. They also meet all regulatory requirements of DOT, OSHA, and other safety agencies. A few of the specific health services covered at our occupational health center include: 

  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • DOT pre-employment physical
  • Non-DOT pre-employment physical
  • Hearing conservation program
  • Return-to-work exams
  • OSHA surveillance exams
  • Dedicated occupational medicine clinic

On-Site Services

Even though our medicine program has office hours Monday-Friday at our occupational health center, we also offer health services on-site at your place of employment. 

A few of our on-site services include:

  • Physician medical services
  • Nursing medical services
  • Employee wellness education program and screening program
  • Vaccinations

Learn More About RMC’s Occupational Health in Anniston, AL

The RMC Occupational Health & Wellness Program offers employers access to a system of medical services designed to help control and decrease workers’ compensation costs and incidents of work-related injuries. 

Conveniently located on the fourth floor of The Tyler Center, you can find our occupational health center next to outpatient laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging. There is even free parking right next to the health center!

For more information about our employee wellness services, contact us here using one of our quick links, or use the information below. 


731 Leighton Avenue
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Anniston, AL 36207

Office Information: 

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30-5
Phone: (256) 741-6464
Fax: (256) 231-8676

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