The Women’s and Children’s Pavilion at RMC is dedicated to giving women the choices they need to have the birthing experience they want.  From a natural, non-medicated birthing experience to epidurals with fewer overall interventions, RMC is focused on supporting your labor and delivery goals.

Each woman and pregnancy is different. Talk to your obstetrician about whether a low-intervention delivery might be right for you. For higher-risk patients, some of our less interventional components may be able to be incorporated into your births, too.

For more information on natural or low-intervention options at RMC, call 256-235-5132.

Low-Intervention Delivery Options

Benefits of Low-Intervention Deliveries

The potential benefits of a non-medicated labor and delivery include:

  • A shorter after-birth recovery period
  • No major surgery and recovery from a caesarean section; no scar and no pain related to the procedure
  • An earlier start to breastfeeding as mother and baby are both alert post-birth