Cardiac Rehabilitation at RMC

RMC strives to keep hearts as healthy as can be. Our Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab Center readily assists with that goal. Resting on RMC’s Anniston campus at the Tyler Center, our rehab center works with patients who have heart or lung disease or have recently undergone cardiac or vascular surgery. 

RMC offers personalized assessments to patients in our rehab center, with trained and certified registered nurses (RNs) in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation providing treatment. Following a cardiac surgical event, RMC guides patients through three phases of cardiac rehabilitation.

Three-Phased Cardiac Rehabilitation

1st Phase: As an Inpatient

RMC starts recovery and rehab while patients are still in the hospital. Our first step is to assess the patient’s risk factors, educational needs, and level of activity. This is done by one of our on-staff cardiac rehabilitation nurses or exercise physiologists.

2nd Phase: Toward Recovery

Our recovery phase seeks to strengthen a patient’s heart and lungs. We do this by putting the patient on a medically supervised exercise program. This program also includes ways in which the patient can live and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

3rd Phase: Outpatient Follow-Up

RMC continually follows up with patients to assess their status and monitor progress. This is done on an outpatient basis, but still under trained medical supervision.

Learn More About RMC’s Rehab Program

RMC offers a physician-supervised cardiac rehab program that includes constant EKG monitoring of the heart and lungs during exercise sessions. Strength training and flexibility exercises are also part of the program. In fact, overall wellness is the main aim. Patients have at their disposal a full-service gym with locker rooms, swim sessions in our aquatic therapy pool, and massage therapy by appointment. 

Being comprehensive, RMC’s rehab program offers educational resources as well. Throughout the program, patients are given the chance to become educated on helpful lifestyle changes that can assist in achieving a complete and full recovery. 

RMC is ready to help our patients on the road to recovery. We’re here to walk with you, and provide the programming and resources needed to ensure a successful and speedy a recovery as possible.