Our Cancer Resources and Support Services

A cancer diagnosis comes with lots of questions. And that’s okay. At RMC, we’re here for the questions. We’re here for the concerns. We’re here for you. 

RMC understands that now, maybe more than ever, you need support. We provide it.

Online Cancer-Related Resources

There is a plethora of information regarding cancer, cancer treatment, cancer research, and cancer education. Sometimes the trick is just finding it all. We offer a simpler way to locate the information you’re after, without having to be online all day. 


Local Resources

There are also a host of local support groups you can get connected to. For those interested, RMC also provides ministry and chaplain services for spiritual needs. Support from others during this time can’t be underestimated. 


RMC’s Cancer Support Services

Our cancer program owes its success in large part to our personalized, patient-first cancer support services. 

We continually improve our program each year. This is made possible by our acclaimed cancer registry. Our registry has been awarded the Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry Gold Standard for quality, completeness, and timeliness of cancer data submission. The registry’s data keeps our oncology committee informed and able to perform quality studies, enhancing care in the present and for the future. 

RMC works to support you through every step of your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. We offer a different outlook to oncology by providing fully-accredited clinical staff and state-of-the-art technology to improve recovery prospects: and we also offer plenty of resources to you and your family. 

Support and resources should go hand-in-hand with cancer care. At RMC, they do. Browse resources, link up with local support services and talk with RMC’s team of physicians as we step into this next chapter together.