Behavioral Health Programs at RMC

RMC provides a comprehensive, inpatient behavioral treatment program for adults, families, health professionals, and seniors. Our program takes a fully integrated approach, focusing on caring and improving our patients’ health and mental wellness. 

The main aim of our Behavioral Health program is to encourage, equip, and empower patients and their families. We work with these key groups to achieve and maintain recovery from behavioral challenges, including distress, mental illness, and addiction. We do this by compassionately offering research-based interventions through wholly dedicated and devoted staff.

Inpatient Care for Psychological & Behavioral Challenges

Inpatient services, in which you are admitted to the hospital for treatment, are available for those seeking intensive care for their mental health conditions like depression, behavioral problems, psychosis, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Our team of providers offers a cutting-edge treatment program that incorporates psychiatric medicines (psychopharmacology)—using the latest, most effective drug therapies. The program also includes group therapy as a way to work through your problems and actively learn from others experiencing similar situations.

Medical Detoxification

Female Student Talking To High School Counselor

Frequent use of alcohol and drugs can result in physical dependence, and initial withdrawals can be physically distressing, painful, and even dangerous. At RMC, we know detox is a very serious part of recovery, and we want you to have the safest experience possible.

That’s why we offer a medically supervised inpatient medical detoxification self-recovery program at our Stringfellow Memorial campus. 

In our medical detox program, we perform a complete assessment, and treatment is individualized in order to deliver a safe and successful recovery from drugs and alcohol. While in our care, you are detoxified under the professional care of a psychiatrist, as well as nurses and social workers who provide medication, monitoring, and support during the withdrawal process. Team members use their specific training and skill in partnership with you to create an effective treatment plan.

If you think a loved one might benefit from our self-recovery medical detoxification program, please call our intake specialist at 1-866-255-3350 for a confidential assessment.

Learn More About RMC’s Mental Health Center in Anniston, Alabama

The RMC mental health center provides health treatment to individuals in crisis. Our dedicated and experienced team of psychiatrists, nurses, support staff, counselors, and social workers reviews and meets the mental health treatment needs of any person in need. It doesn’t matter if you need help with mental conditions like depression or drug recovery—RMC is the right choice for anyone looking for a Calhoun/Cleburne mental health center for treatment or therapy. 

RMC is conveniently located at 400 E. 10th Street, Anniston, Alabama to best provide health care for those seeking help. If you or a family member might benefit from our mental health services and treatment, please call our intake specialist at 1 (866) 255-3350 for a confidential assessment. If you would like more information about RMC and general health services, call (256) 235-5121. 

RMC Anniston Location:

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