Amended Visitation Policy (Except for Emergency Room)

Click here for our Visitor Policy (Updated 6/11: Maternity & End-of-Life)

Insurance Company Contacts

You should contact your health insurer or HMO (health maintenance organization) for an estimate of actual out of pocket costs for services received at the hospital. An estimate of hospital prices for services delivered should not be relied upon to determine what your actual out of pocket costs may be, since healthcare needs vary from patient to patient, and your charges may be different depending on the medical services provided to you and ordered by your physician. Your insurance carrier should be able to provide you what your expected actual out of pocket costs will be, based on the specific insurance policy that you have.

Blue Cross

Customer Service Telephone Numbers

Federal Employees 1-800-492-8872
Blue Advantage, BlueRx & C Plus with PMD 1-888-543-9212
Individual & Family Products 1-888-267-2955
Business & Employer Plans 1-855-525-7283
All Other Blue Cross Members 1-800-292-8868

Other Insurance Providers

1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)
Commercial members: 866-414-1959
Medicare members: 800-523-5800
Commercial members: 800-244-6224
Medicare members: 800-627-7534
Commercial members: 800-833-6917
Medicare members: 800-457-4708
Commercial members: 800-872-3862
Medicare members: 855-335-1407
General Questions: 334-242-5000
Customer Service: 800-444-5445