Updated 4/22/22

Updated Visitation Policy (4/22)

Effective April 22, 2022 we have updated both hospitals’ Visitation Policy: RMC medical inpatients who are negative for COVID-19 will be allowed one visitor per day during their stay, including ONE overnight visitor. Read the full policy for details here.


Current Hours of Operation

In order to provide rest, promote healing, and remain mindful of COVID-19 protocols, we ask that the general public observe our Updated Visitation Policy (7am-7pm). These guidelines are not intended to restrict the patient’s right to the presence of a designated support person(s), but rather provide information to the general public who may wish to visit a patient while in the hospital during the global pandemic.

If You Require Assistance

Whether you’re seeking care or visiting a loved one, RMC is here for you. Our compassionate team provides the resources and support you need so you can focus on what is important.

  • Our Main Information Desk, located in the main hospital lobby, is near the gift shop. To reach the information desk, call 256-235-5000.
  • Our ambassador team members stand ready to greet and direct patients and visitors, ease traffic issues, and provide wheelchair transportation and assistance to any on-campus location.
  • To reach security, call 256-235-5260.
  • Our Parking Transportation Assistance team usually has a golf cart shuttle, but it is currently unavailable during the COVID pandemic. Once it resumes, it will be available Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. To reach the shuttle, call the Security Department at 256-235-5260.
  • Helpful Links for RMC Patients

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