Patient Portal

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST receive an email invitation from RMC/FollowMyHealth before you can sign up and view your results.

Welcome to FollowMyHealth Patient Portal!  Through the portal you can get results from Laboratory and most Radiology tests that were performed at RMC, Stringfellow Memorial or the Tyler Center.

If you have been to a RMC Health System facility recently and have NOT received an email invitation to the Patient Portal,  please call 256-231-8716 Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm and we will be happy to assist you in signing up.

Patient Portal FAQs

Patients age 14 and up must present to Registration with a photo ID, social security number and E-mail address.  If you have POWER OF ATTORNEY for a family member you must have this document at Registration.

No.  For security purposes the Login defaults to your e-mail address, and the password is created by you.  Make sure that the password that you enter is private and something you will remember.  If you forget your login or password, please call 256-231-8716 and we can send an e-mail to you with a link that will help you recover the Login and Password

  • View results by clicking on the My Health tab, and then click on the Chart.  Select which DOCUMENT you would like to see. Scroll through the document until you find your results.
  • Use the Summary tab to add providers, such as doctors that you see. Click on Add Provider and enter the provider name, address and phone number. They will be all in one place and easy to find.
  • Use the Summary tab to add medications and vital signs.
  • Use the Wellness tab to add blood pressure readings.

You can visit the Radiology Department on the 2nd floor of the main hospital.  Please make sure you bring the proper ID with you. You can also go to  and request them from there.

Results can take from 3 to 14 days to appear on your Portal.  Feel free to call us if your results have not shown up on your Portal after the 14th day.

Absolutely.  Your results will be available to you through the Portal anytime you need to print them.

The FollowMyHealth Patient Portal is a service provided by RMC Health System for patients at no cost to you.