Roanoke Rural Health Clinic

Welcome to Roanoke Rural Health Clinic in Roanoke, Alabama! We’re a family and urgent care center located right on the RMC campus at 1950 Main St. Our talented doctors have the skills and knowledge to take care of both kids and adults who are dealing with a wide range of health issues, both big and small. Whether you’re in need of immediate attention or just looking for a trusted primary care provider, we’re here to help keep you and your loved ones feeling your best.

Whether it’s urgent care or primary care, RMC’s Roanoke Rural Health Clinic is here to meet your family’s healthcare needs.

Additional Providers:
Kristin Gibbs Cummings, CRNP
Samantha Fetner Baggett, CRNP

Roanoke Rural Health Clinic

Our Doctors

Dr. Brooke Carroll, MD; Dr. Trey Emerson, MD

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