Coronavirus Information

Latest Update

As of 5/26/20, we have 138 cases in Calhoun County and are treating no positive inpatient cases in our hospital.

RMC has been working with officials in several communities to provide temporary pop-up testing sites in Hobson City, Roanoke, Constantine, County Ag Center, and Glen Addie Apartment Homes, and Oxford Civic Center, in addition to the testing site set up by the Medical Arts Building.

Policy Changes

We have recently implemented some new processes that went very well! Thank you so much to everyone that was involved! Those processes include:

Restricting Visitation. Effective immediately, officials at RMC and Stringfellow Hospitals must comply with a statewide Public Health Order that prohibits ALL hospital visitation by family members, visitors and non-essential health care personnel at RMC and Stringfellow Hospitals. The only exceptions to this public health order are compassionate care situations, such as maternity or end of life.

Screening of all Patients before entering the ER. Patients are being stopped at the ER entrance and checked for fever, flu-like illness, and recent travel. Individuals that need to be further assessed for possible COVID related illness are sent to a separate secured entrance to the ER. This allows us to triage them in a more private and secure area with proper PPE.  They will then be sent to the next appropriate destination dependent upon their triage assessment.

Drive-Thru Testing Site

We’ve Set up a Specimen Collection Site. We set up an off-site specimen collection site as a resource for our community physicians. Our goal was to provide a location for our physicians to send patients that may be exhibiting signs and symptoms related to COVID-19 for specimen collection without sending them to the ER. Currently, patients must be sent to this site from their physician’s office. The office must determine the need for testing, and provide the order to the hospital prior to the patient arriving at the tent. These specimens will take 5-10 days to get results.

Please Note: Be sure to have a referral from your physician confirming that you may, in fact, be symptomatic and may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. If you are ASYMPTOMATIC you do NOT need to be tested. Flu, strep, and mono are still very alive and well in our community and exhibit similar symptoms to COVID-19.

Messages from Our Staff

Stay Informed Using These Reliable Links

  • Are travelers healthy?
  • Have the travelers received flu shots?
  • Do any of the travelers or anyone the travelers come in contact with have any underlying high-risk conditions?
  • Are there any travel restrictions for your destination listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the U.S. Department of State page?
  • Is the trip a cruise?
  • Are there any major events after the trip that would be problematic if you and your travelers were quarantined for a period of time?
  • Would anxiety during travel ruin the trip for you?
  • Are you reasonably able to implement common preventative measures, like washing your hands, during travel?
  • Would your regret be manageable if you or a family member caught COVID-19?