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What is Nursing Aversion?

Breastfeeding is an incredible, unique, and exciting bonding experience between you and your baby—but some mothers, usually first-time moms, feel differently. Nursing aversion is when you find yourself filled with anxiety-inducing thoughts and feelings, all while breastfeeding. This experience can…

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Packing Your Hospital Bag

Whether this is your first pregnancy and you’ve never packed a hospital bag, or it’s your fifth time, it can be a stressful task. Maybe you’ve been putting it off because (let’s face it) delivery is a long way off,…

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Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Traveling is one of the most stressful things in life, even when you aren’t pregnant—and when you are, it can be a scary, emotional experience. Pregnancy changes your mind and your body, so even if you’re used to traveling, it’s…

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Common Labor Signs

Labor is not an easy thing to describe, so it’s no surprise that most pregnant women wonder how it will feel (or how much it will hurt) and when it’s real versus a false alarm. Because it’s so hard to…

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