Cancer Support Services

Fighting Cancer Together with most advanced cancer care network and technologies

RMC’s individualized, patient-centered cancer support services play an integral role in the success of our cancer program. Our Cancer Registry has been awarded the Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry Gold Standard for quality, completeness and timeliness of cancer data submission. This data allows our Oncology Committee to complete quality studies and make improvements to our program each year. Cancer Support Services is also home to RMC’s Clinical Trials and Patient Navigation programs. Our patient navigators are currently participating in the CMS Patient Care Connect Grant. Through this grant, our navigators are able to boost the appropriate use of healthcare resources and help patients make the best choices for treatment which leads to better quality of life for our patients.

At RMC, we support and encourage our patients through every step of their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  In addition to a fully-accredited clinical staff and most advanced technology in the area, we also offer the most wide array of patient resources for you and your family, including a Cancer Resource Center library.

Wendy Watson, RN, OCN, Oncology Research Nurse

Phone: 256-235-5877

Additional cancer care patient resources include:

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Speech Therapy
Lymphedema Therapy
Physical Therapy

Cancer Care Patient Navigators

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services

Steel Magnolias
Venecia Butler Foundation
Resource Center
Chaplain Services
American Cancer Society

Patient Navigators at RMC play a vital role in helping patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer.  They serve as the patients advocate and help them navigate the often challenging medical maze that comes following a cancer diagnosis.  This compassionate team works closely with oncology offices and help patients find answers to many of their questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. But most importantly, Patient Navigators are there to help patients during their time of need – even if it’s just to listen or help them rearrange appointments during treatment.

Meet our Patient Navigators

Pam Bolt

Pam has worked 31 years at RMC.  She worked 22 years in Radiation Oncology before becoming a Patient Navigator. This is where she gained her passion and her love for cancer patients. Being a Navigator is by far the most rewarding job she has ever had. Pam’s goal is to treat each cancer patient like family, and being there for them for whatever situation may arise.  She likes to tells her patients she’s their new best friend.

Celeste McGuffey

Having worked in the medical field for more than 30 years and having walked with family members diagnosed with cancer and go through the process of chemotherapy and radiation, Celeste realized the importance of the patient navigator program. Celeste enjoys getting to know my patients and their families, and helping them with their journey throughout treatment. We are there to help patients in their time of need and to help answer their questions, serve as a liaison between their doctors and oncology offices. Celeste loves her job and enjoys becoming a part of her patients’ medical team during their treatment for cancer while at RMC.

Macy Allen

Macy Allen has been a part of the Patient Navigator team since 2014. She caringly guides patients through the health care system as she provides support throughout their cancer journey. Her favorite part about being a navigator is hearing the stories they share. Macy feels like each of these stories provides an insight to the lives of these warriors. She feels honored to a part of each patients life. They’re all fighting a battle and she hopes that she can offer a sense of peace for them in such an overwhelming time.

Cancer Registry

Benefits of such data gathering include:

  • Evaluates the extent of cancer in the community
  • Identifies high-risk groups to provide education and prevention
  • Enables the medical community to identify cancer trends
  • Helps physicians and cancer teams to provide more effective patient
  • Provides timely, accurate information for application and research

According to The American Cancer Society, it is estimated that more than 1.3 million cancer cases will be diagnosed this year. Like most diseases, it is anticipated that a cure for cancer will most likely be found through research. RMC’s Cancer Registry, first started in 1988, offers both research and hope to patients diagnosed in our area with cancer. The main purpose of the registry is to gather patient data, which is an important tool in cancer control.

Each patient’s data is regularly reviewed by the hospital’s multidisciplinary board-certified team of doctors, nurses, clinicians and technical personnel to evaluate the patients’ progress, treatments and options. Each patient’s data also is compared to other patients with the same type of cancer from the community. Using actual patient data helps provide the most realistic and effective treatment plans for each patient.

RMC’s team of highly trained staff also works together to gather information for overall cancer research. RMC’s registry has a wealth of information within its databases. Via the Alabama State Cancer Registry, the American Cancer Society is able to use that data collected by RMC and other registries across the country to further its research. By maintaining a Cancer Registry, RMC is helping in the cause to find a cure.

For more information, please call RMC Cancer Registry Coordinator, at (256) 235-5877.