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We are now able to allow one visitor per patient, effective starting October 2nd, with the exception of those suspected to have COVID-19. Passing a COVID screening will allow entry as a visitor to our hospital. View Governor Ivey's Declaration of Rights, as well as Anniston's and Stringfellow's revised visitation policies, in the document below.

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Coronavirus Information

COVID Testing will be performed at the Oxford Mediplex on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8am and 3pm. Please call 256-235-5600 to make an appointment.

Latest Update (10/2)

In response to Governor Ivey’s declaration involving visitors in nursing homes and hospitals, we have updated both RMC Anniston’s Visitation Policy and Stringfellow’s Visitation Policy.

As of 10/23 we have had over 4,224 cumulative COVID-19 cases in Calhoun County and have had 180,916 cases throughout the state. We currently have 33 known positive COVID-19 patients in our hospital, which is increasing over the last two weeks. View relevant news links here.

What to Expect From Us to Keep You Safe

Per the “Safer at Home” state order issued by Governor Ivey, effective October 2, 2020, all hospitals shall ensure that each patient who tests negative for SARS-CoV-2 or who is not suspected of having COVID-19 may be accompanied by one  caregiver or visitor at a time, subject to reasonable restrictions imposed  on the entrance of persons because of the COVID-19 county positivity rate, the facility’s COVID-19 status, a patient’s COVID-19 status, visitor’s symptoms, lack of adherence to proper infection control practices, or other relevant factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Our Environmental Services team follows CDC Guidelines, and we have partnered with Clorox to utilize their Healthcare Disinfection Toolkit.

  • First, we utilize the Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer for ceiling-to-floor cleaning at time of discharge.
  • We then wait 2 minutes, then follow-up with the use of Clorox bleach spray and germicidal wipes for outside vents, door knobs, etc. all the way down to power cords.
  • Finally we use UV lights to sanitize our HVAC systems.
  • We have also added more negative-pressure rooms.

  • Patients are being stopped at the ER entrance and checked for fever, flu-like illness, and recent travel.
  • Individuals that need to be further assessed for possible COVID related illness are sent to a separate secured entrance to the ER.
  • This allows us to triage them in a more private and secure area with proper PPE.
  • They will then be sent to the next appropriate destination dependent upon their triage assessment.

We originally set up a Monday-Friday off-site specimen collection site as a resource for our community physicians.This has since been changed,and those thought to be affect by COVID-19 are now urged to call our hotline at 256-235-5600 for information on receiving COVID testing.

Messages from Our Staff

Dr. Magadia’s Weekly Musings Blog

Here you’ll find a weekly musings blog by our very own infectious disease specialist. Below are links to and summaries of each of his blog posts.

August 7th (White Coat Ceremony Speech)– So, why am I boring you with story of my life? And why during your white coat ceremony? Plain and simply because Medicine and its most visible and easily recognizable symbol, the white coat, are intertwined…

View Past Musings

July 2nd– About 4 months into pandemic, we have some data now about long-term outcomes on those who got sick to the point that they had to be hospitalized. Some of the patients that we have seen in the hospital are now rolling in in our clinics/offices for post discharge follow-up. So I want to talk about that for a minute.
July 8th– To mask or not to mask… A study done by van Doremalen, et al, in mid March, which I briefly discussed on my previous blog on March 21st, somehow answered that question incompletely. They found that infectious viruses could remain in the air for up to three hours.
July 24th– Going 6 months into this pandemic, we are still learning a lot of things about this thing. However, we know more now than we did back in March. There’s still a lot of unknowns about this thing but we could certainly say that this organism is predictable in its unpredictability. Or is it unpredictable in its predictability? Tomatoes, potatoes.
July 28th-I did not think I will have to discuss Hydroxychloroquine or Plaquenil anymore but here we are again. Plaquenil, early on during the pandemic, was touted as a “miracle drug” based on personal experience or anecdotal evidence. But as more scientific and well-controlled clinical trials showed no efficacy and even higher potential for adverse events…

May 18th– There’s a lot of talk about the Chinese experience with Remdesivir (RDS) vs placebo (PLC) as reported by Wang, et al. It was the first double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center randomized clinical trial (DB, PC, MCRCT) on RDS that was done in February and March 2020 but was not published in Lancet until the end of April 2020. There was unintended almost malicious early release of this study’s results on the WHO website that was immediately taken down after few hours.
May 19th– We finally released our last patient from the COVID ward today. This nonagenarian had been with us in the hospital for 44 days. We have gotten really close to her with her charming demeanor while occasionally exhibiting pleasant dementia.
June 1th-Welcome back. It has been a relatively quiet 2 weeks at our hospital’s COVID ward. Not so much for the rest of the country. Unless you have been living under a rock the past few days, you know that there are groups gathering in different cities across the country in protest about social injustice, specifically related to the unfortunate events that happened in Minneapolis…
June 17th-This past Monday, the US FDA revoked the EUA (emergency use authorization) for hydroxychloroquine sulfate aka Plaquenil and its parent drug chloroquine phosphate. We could pretty much say that the concept of Plaquenil therapy with COVID-19 is dead as a doornail. We have removed that as part of our regimen in our hospital.

March 21st-It is incumbent upon us medical professionals to read up and study on our respective fields as people rely on us for information. We can not propagate a false lead on something published but has not been validated and peer reviewed like the report that certain blood types protect one from or make one more susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 or on something published in a not so refutable site.
March 29th– My RMC Family, As of Friday March 27th, we have done 236 testings for SARS-CoV-2 between both hospitals, drive through and JSU Student Health Center. Calhoun County currently has three positive cases.
April 8th-I spend a good bit of time at the hospital’s COVID19 ward. Between making rounds and donning/doffing PPEs plus the necessary evil of writing down the notes after reviewing patients’ labs, putting orders and updating their family over the phone or sometimes on FaceTime, these consume the better part of my day.
April 14th– One of the frequently asked questions of me about this thing is “How long am I contagious after I recover?” which is often followed up by “Do I continue to shed the virus even after testing negative?

Stay Informed Using These Reliable News Links

View any of the below links from external news sources this month:

  • 8/30/20: Thirty New Cases of COVID-19 in Calhoun County; Calhoun County saw 30 newly-diagnosed cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, as new-case numbers begin to trend upward statewide, according to numbers released Sunday by the Alabama Department of Public Health. 
  • 8/24/20: RMC doctor discussed medical aspects of COVID-19; Dr. Almena Free, a physician at Regional Medical Center in Anniston, said there were 17 people in one of the hospital’s COVID-19 units, and eight or nine were on a ventilator. In the hospital’s second unit, she said, there were seven patients.
  • 8/20/20: New virus cases, hospitalizations continue to trend downward; Hospitals around the state reported 1,105 COVID-19 patients Thursday, the lowest total in more than a month, according to ADPH. Statewide hospitalizations peaked at 1,613 on Aug. 5.
  • 8/15/20: Phillip Tutor: The ‘contact person’ for COVID in our schools;
    The pandemic’s persistence won’t allow unrestrained optimism, so let’s assume this basic premise: Students at Calhoun County’s schools are headed back to class — thousands of them — and some will get sick.
  • 8/12/20: Neck gaiters may be worse than no mask at all, study suggests; The researchers found that while most of the cotton, cloth or surgical-style masks tested were effective at limiting the amount of respiratory droplets a person expelled while talking, the “neck gaiter” or neck fleece actually resulted in more small droplets being expelled (This article cites the article below).
  • 8/07/20: RMC Favorite: Inexpensive, Accessible Device Provides Visual Proof that Masks Block Droplets; Hand-made cotton face coverings provided good coverage, eliminating a substantial amount of the spray from normal speech.On the other hand, bandanas and neck fleeces such as balaclavas didn’t block the droplets much at all.
  • 8/07/20: Calhoun County Commissioner Eli Henderson dead of COVID-19 at age 83; James “Eli” Henderson, the longtime Calhoun County Commissioner who was a walking textbook in how to get elected in rural Alabama, died early Friday afternoon at Regional Medical Center in Anniston after several days of struggle with COVID-19, according to his daughter, circuit clerk Kim McCarson. He was 83.
  • 8/06/20: Cleburne County Nursing Home records 32 COVID-19 cases; After only having two positive cases of COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began, the Cleburne County Nursing home now has a total of 32 cases between residents and staff as of Thursday afternoon. Of the 32 cases, 30 were asymptomatic.
  • 8/03/20: Up to 20 Dead COVID-19 in Calhoun County; 4 more people have died over the weekend. The coronavirus COVID-19 may have killed as many as 20 people in Calhoun County — more than twice the official death toll — local officials said in a press conference at Regional Medical Center in Anniston Monday afternoon. 

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  • 4/28/20: Safely Home– RMC discharges COVID-19 patient after 15 days on ventilator
  • 4/22/20: 85 cases in Calhoun County– Nearly 5,600 in Alabama positive for Coronavirus, 197 have died and nearly 700 are being hospitalized
  • 4/22/20: RMC working to expand COVID testing locations– Glen Addie Homes apartments it the public housing complex and the site where RMC Hospital and the City of Anniston is hosting a drive thru and walk up COVID-19 testing location.
  • 4/13/20: Stay at Home Order May be Bending the Curve, Officials Say– At least eight people had been hospitalized in Anniston with the coronavirus by Tuesday, three of them now on ventilators. Another 18 were hospitalized under investigation as possible COVID-19 patients- those showing some coronavirus symptoms who haven’t tested positive.
  • 4/10/20: Honda Donates 200 Face Shields for RMC– Honda manufactured and donated 200 face shields for our hospital workers.


  • Are travelers healthy?
  • Have the travelers received flu shots?
  • Do any of the travelers or anyone the travelers come in contact with have any underlying high-risk conditions?
  • Are there any travel restrictions for your destination listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the U.S. Department of State page?
  • Is the trip a cruise?
  • Are there any major events after the trip that would be problematic if you and your travelers were quarantined for a period of time?
  • Would anxiety during travel ruin the trip for you?
  • Are you reasonably able to implement common preventative measures, like washing your hands, during travel?
  • Would your regret be manageable if you or a family member caught COVID-19?