Updated March 3

Updated Visitation Policy (3/5)

Effective Saturday, March 6th at 7am, we have updated both hospitals' Visitation Policy: Non-COVID visitors are now allowed 2 support persons, without ability to rotate (end-of-life visitors are allowed to rotate).

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Coronavirus Information

COVID Testing will be performed at the Oxford Mediplex on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8am and 3pm. Please call 256-235-5600 to make an appointment.

Latest Update

On April 8th, Governor Ivey Announced the New Safer Apart Order, which will go into effect on the 9th and remain until Wednesday, May 5th. We support the Governor’s call to encourage everyone to continue doing their part to keep COVID cases down across our state.

In accordance with the Order, our February 15th Visitation Policy remains in place and unchanged at RMC Anniston and RMC Stringfellow. Additionally, we will continue our required mask policy at all RMC Health System facilities for the foreseeable future.

As of 4/19, we have had over 14,355 COVID-19 cases in Calhoun County. We currently have 5 known positive COVID-19 patients in our hospital, and have had over 522,000 cases throughout the state. View relevant news links here.

Messages from Our Staff

Dr. Magadia’s Weekly Musings Blog

Here you’ll find a weekly musings blog by our very own infectious disease specialist. Below are links to some of our favorites:

October 30– ‘You know, our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid.’ President Donald J. Trump, campaign stop in Waterford Township, MI.
Feb 11th, 2021– I discussed this concept of double masking exactly 2 weeks ago at our physician townhall meeting. I even showed that I was wearing more than 2 masks on FB Live. That was during our discussion on the variant strains and COVID vaccines. I encourage the readers of this blog to try to occasionally watch or listen to our town hall meetings once in a while.
October 3– I am most most grateful for friends and relatives who reached out to me at this time of sorrow.
August 7th (White Coat Ceremony Speech)– So, why am I boring you with story of my life? And why during your white coat ceremony? Plain and simply because Medicine and its most visible and easily recognizable symbol, the white coat, are intertwined…

Most Recent COVID-Related News Links

View any of the below links from external news sources posted recently:

Regional Medical Center reopens to visitors as COVID cases decline

Posted 2/17/21

Regional Medical Center in Anniston announced Monday that the hospital is once again open to visitors, as the winter wave of COVID-19 continues to recede.

As of Monday morning, an RMC official said there were 22 people in the hospital with coronavirus, compared to the 80-plus in hospital beds when the disease peaked in January.

Smoother Shots: Local officials working out the kinks as vaccination campaign set to ramp up

Posted 2/2/21

“It went a lot better than last time,” Lee said. “I didn’t have to wait. Last time I was in line for four hours.”

The scene was orderly in part because everyone there was indeed getting a second shot — and was in fact guaranteed one if they had the first one in January. There was no need to jockey for a position in line with limited supplies.

Louis Bass, a key leader in the fight against COVID, is The Star’s 2021 Citizen of the Year

Posted 1/29/21

In the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers in Calhoun County sewed 100 cloth facemasks and delivered them to Regional Medical Center.

Louis Bass, chief executive officer of RMC, waved off any skeptics and accepted the masks graciously. And, yes, they did wind up on the faces of medical workers — not in the coronavirus unit, but at local testing sites.

AL.com External Article: 1,839 new Covid-19 cases added in Alabama; State Administered 100,000+ vaccines last week

Posted 1/25/21

Alabama added more than 1,800 new COVID-19 cases since yesterday. The Alabama Department of Public Health’s Jan. 25 10 a.m. numbers show the state has had 443,009 coronavirus cases since March, with 1,839 added since yesterday. The state also added 2 deaths to bring the total to 6,662.

AL.com External Article: Wanted: Volunteers to administer Alabama’s COVID vaccine

Posted 1/25/21

The Alabama Department of Public Health is looking for volunteers to help administer the COVID-19 vaccine. Whether nurses or physicians, the volunteers would primarily be used in vaccine clinics across the state, according to ADPH’s Dr. Karen Landers.

Gov. Ivey Extends Mask Order to January 22nd

Posted 12/09/20

Ivey’s move was widely expected, as the state undergoes a post-Thanksgiving surge in COVID-19 that far exceeds the infections Alabama saw over the summer.

  • Are travelers healthy?
  • Have the travelers received flu shots?
  • Do any of the travelers or anyone the travelers come in contact with have any underlying high-risk conditions?
  • Are there any travel restrictions for your destination listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the U.S. Department of State page?
  • Are there any major events after the trip that would be problematic if you and your travelers were quarantined for a period of time?
  • Would anxiety during travel ruin the trip for you?
  • Are you reasonably able to implement common preventative measures, like washing your hands, during travel?
  • Would your regret be manageable if you or a family member caught COVID-19?