Learning to Walk Again. Talon Warren’s Story.

Talon is a regular teenage boy from Alabama who loves hunting, fishing, and doing things with his friends from school. Unlike his peers, Talon’s life would change drastically after a car crash left him without feeling in his legs from the waist down. He was told at first that he may never walk again.

“There was a small connection instead of a full separation of his spinal cord like they thought.” Says Briana Medhus, Talon’s Aunt and caretaker. Briana credits God for the chance Talon was given to walk again. “They said it was a small chance he would recover fully or close to it.”

Talon recalls that at first while in the hospital he didn’t have much memory, but that the feeling in his legs wouldn’t return for at least two weeks. Movement would not return for even longer without mention of functions like walking. “I started moving my pinky toe on my right side.” Is how Talon remembers his first steps of progress after three months of stillness in his legs and feet. He was unsure that is was evening happening at first and asked his aunt to check. She promptly started to video recording the movement. “That was the first video we sent everyone.” Said Briana. And it would be the start of her documenting Talon’s progress as he transitioned to RMC.

Talon and Briana would start coming to RMC’s Tyler Center two times a week starting in May of 2022. “When he started in May there was no movement of anything from the waist down.” Brittany Shiflett, a physical therapist and DPT working with Talon stated. “It’s been hard. At first I was coming two times a week, and now I’ve been coming three times.” Talon recalls that during his physical therapy that his right leg cooperated first. “From the right pinky toe up. Then it started down the left side.” The left leg has made progress very recently.

With these amazing strides in recovery, some might have outbursts of celebration, but his team would describe him as “cool as a cucumber.” With the first instance of Talon walking without an assisted harness they said instead being amazed at just being able to do the action, that he pushed himself to walk four laps. Brittany Albers, LPTA says she would internally be amazed by his progress and check in with him while trying to match his calm nature about the strides he was making.

Much of Talon’s therapy involves functional training, core strengthening, and standing exercises. His team tries to keep him on his toes though. “He never knows what a day of therapy is going to look like.” Brittany Shiflett, PT, DPT says.
It has not quite been a year of this training, but Talon is walking with assistance. “We just give all the credit to the Lord,” Briana stated. Despite the emotional roller coaster from one diagnosis of no hope to one of a small chance, both Talon and Briana were comforted by their faith. Briana says that friends, family, and strangers alike have told them they have been praying for Talon. “It’s just been one miracle after another.”

His team feels similar statements about their work with Talon. “You can see just how hard Talen has worked over these last 9 months and he’s not finished yet. He has been such an inspiration to us all and is a true testament to the miraculous works of God! This is what makes our jobs so fulfilling.” Brittany Shiflett, PT, DPT “I have had the opportunity to work with Talen for 9 months now, and what an incredible journey it has been. When he started coming here, he couldn’t balance in sitting and now he is learning to walk again. His progress is remarkable, and I am lucky to be a part of it.” Brittany Albers, LPTA

When asked if he had any remarks to give someone in his position back in May just starting out, Talon said, “Be strong, trust in God, and just do it.”