Meet our Inpatient Rehab Therapists Team

What is inpatient rehab therapy?

Inpatient physical therapy refers to a specialized form of rehabilitation services provided to individuals within a hospital or healthcare facility. Our team of skilled physical therapists works closely with patients, developing personalized treatment plans that may include exercises, therapeutic techniques, and assistive devices. This type of therapy is typically recommended for patients who require intensive and closely monitored rehabilitation due to acute medical conditions, surgeries, or significant injuries.

Our inpatient therapy department covers all the floors of the hospital at RMC and Stringfellow. Our goal is to get our patients to the next step in their recovery process. Sometimes the next step is to a Rehab Facility. Or in some cases it’s to get them home with Home Health or to an Outpatient Rehab clinic. We take pride in what we do. We work diligently with the nursing staff and with transition of care to care for our patients.

Physical Therapists

Whitney Brown MPT, Certified Clinical Instructor

Whitney is a Physical Therapist. She is our Inpatient Rehab Coordinator. Whitney sees patients at RMC as well as Stringfellow. She has been practicing for 19 years. Her and her husband Dustin have 4 children: Bailey (16), Brody (16), Jake (14), and Millie (10). Whitney spends her spare time with her family and chasing her children to rodeos and sporting events. She enjoys family time and cherishes every moment. She loves working with her patients and their families to help them improve their quality of life.

Diane Gable BS, PT

Diane works at the RMC location. She has been practicing for 30 years. She’s worked in outpatient, home health, wound care, and currently acute care. She and her husband love their 3 grandchildren. When she’s not spoiling them, she enjoys doing crafts and hiking.

Kris Herndon MS, RPT

Kris is a Physical Therapist. She is primarily at the Stringfellow location. She has been practicing for 32 years. Her and her husband Eddie have 3 children; Ben and Hannah who are twins, and John. When Kris isn’t working, she enjoys reading, hiking, riding her motorcycle, and traveling. A fun fact about Kris is she starting riding motorcycles at the age of 56! Kris plans on continuing working while enjoying time with family and her hobbies.

Renee Edwards MPT

Renee is a Physical Therapist. She works part of her time at RMC Inpatient as well as in the Outpatient Clinic. She has been practicing for 26 years. Her and her husband Chuck have been married for 39 years. They have 1 Golden Retriever, Renn. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, biking, cooking, and reading. She’s even hiked Hoover Wilderness, the highest peak (11, 100’).  She enjoys traveling and plans to do more in the future.  

Sergio Sarza PT, DPT

Sergio is a Physical Therapist. He works the weekends (Fri-Sun) and sees patients primarily at RMC and occasionally at Stringfellow. He has been practicing for 9 years. Sergio enjoys traveling and plans on doing more to explore the world!

Tina Richey LPTA

Tina is a Physical Therapist Assistant. Tina sees a majority of the patients on the 9th floor as well as other floors. Tina works at the RMC location and occasionally assists the Outpatient Clinic as well as Stringfellow. She has been practicing for 37 years! She is widowed and has 2 children; a son that is 21 and a daughter that is 29. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and kayaking. Tina’s future plan is to work toward retirement!

Julie Graham LPTA

Julie is a Physical Therapist Assistant. She primarily sees patients the 8th floor at RMC and ICU. She has been practicing for 9 years. Julie enjoys motorcycles, woodworking, and reading. Before practicing Physical Therapy, Julie was a test rider for Harley Davidson!

Robin Cofield LPTA

Robin is a Physical Therapist Assistant. She is primarily on the LTACH unit at RMC. She has been practicing for 18 years. Robin and her husband have 5 children, 3 grandson, and 1 granddaughter on the way! She enjoys exercising, walking/hiking, volunteer ministry, reading, crocheting, and gardening. She also loves taking care of her patients. She is known for her big Dodge truck. When she’s not at work she enjoys going to the lake and riding her jet ski.

Amy Thompson LPTA

Amy is a Physical Therapist Assistant. She has been practicing for 23 years. Amy primarily sees patients on the Ortho floor and Gynecology floor at RMC. Her and her husband Jamie have 4 children: Brent, Lilliana, Katy (TJ) and Trey. She has 1 granddaughter: Kambree. Amy enjoys spending time with her family, baking and cooking. Amy’s future plan is to do more traveling while continuing to work.

Stan Anderson LPTA

Stan is a Physical Therapist Assistant. He has been practicing for 8 years. Stan sees patients on the Oncology floor and Geri psych floor at RMC. Stan also assists with treating patients at the Stringfellow location. Stan and his wife Crystal have 2 children: Reed and Lilly. Stan enjoys riding ATVs and living in the moment!

Occupational Therapists

Diane Stargell OTR/L

Diane is and Occupational Therapist. Diane sees patients at both RMC and Stringfellow. She has been practicing for 27 years. Her and her husband Jamie have 4 children and 1 grandchild. Diane enjoys being outside, cooking, and shopping. Her favorite thing to collect is gnomes! Her future plans is to work toward retirement.

Emma Downs OTR/L

Emma is an Occupational Therapist. Emma sees patients at the RMC location. She is a fairly new grad and has been practicing for almost a year. Emma and her husband have a newly adopted fur baby named Winnie. She enjoys reading, painting, and going to thrift stores. A fun fact about Emma is her husband played professional baseball and she was able to travel with him to see different fields around the US. Emma future plans consist of her and her husband purchasing a house!

Shane Johnson COTA/L

Shane is an Occupational Therapist Assistant. Shane has been in practice for 4 years. He covers patients on a variety of floors. You may see him on the Ortho unit, LTACH, Oncology, or units 7 and 8 at RMC. Him and his wife Brea have 2 children: Crimson (Evan) and Jacob (Regan). He also has 2 grandchildren: Lacy and Kingslee. Shane enjoys raising reptiles! A fun fact about Shane is that he played in The Million Dollar Band at the University of Alabama. Shane plans to continue working and wants to travel with his wife.

Melinda Ward COTA/L

Melinda is an Occupational Therapist Assistant at the RMC campus. She has been practicing for 6 years. Her and her husband Nathan have been married for 7 years and have a 2-year-old son. She enjoys reading and playing with her son. Melinda knew at the age of 16 she wanted to be an Occupational Therapist while volunteering at a special needs daycare. Her plans are to continue to work towards special certifications to further her career.

Olivia Parsons BS, COTA/L

Olivia is an Occupational Therapist Assistant. She has been practicing for a little over 3 years. She sees patients at RMC, Stringfellow, and in our Outpatient Clinic. She has a boyfriend named John. When she’s not working, she enjoys CrossFit, golfing, baking, and raising house plants. Olivia loves to travel and plans to more of it in the future.

Speech Therapists

Deborah McBee MSCCCSLP

I graduated from the University of Montevallo in 1995 with my Bachelor’s degree and in 1997 with my Master’s degree in Speech Pathology. This is my 26th year of practicing. Throughout my career have seen both children and adults. I am certified in LSVT LOUD, lymphedema for head and neck cancer, vital stem, videostroboscopy, and soon to be certified in FEES (August of 2023). I am a native of Talladega County and am married and have three children. I enjoy gardening and crafting.

Rehab Aides

Cheri Penny, Rehab Aide

Cheri has been an aide with the Rehab Department for 8 years. She started out in the Outpatient Department then transferred to Inpatient at RMC. Cheri assists the therapists with patient care. Cheri is married and has 1 stepdaughter. Cheri enjoys her farm life and taking care of her goats and chickens.

Jordyn Johnson, Rehab Aide

Jordyn helps the weekend therapist care for their patients. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and is currently in school for Physical Therapist Assistant. She enjoys working out and traveling. A fun fact about Jordyn is she’s a twin and also has younger twin sisters!

Brianna Anderson, Rehab Aide

Brianna has been working in our rehab department at RMC for a year. She assists the therapists with patient care. She takes pride in working with the patients to help in their recovery. She and her boyfriend have a 5 year old son. When she’s not working, Brianna enjoys crafting, spending time with her family, and of course getting her nails done! She plans to become an RN to continue caring for patients.

Anna Weathington, Rehab Aide

Anna assists the therapists at Stringfellow with patient care. She also helps with wound care. She has 2 years of experience. She enjoys playing the guitar and hiking. Anna is currently in school for a degree in Medical Coding.

Kazie Ferrell, Rehab Aide

Kazie is primarily on the LTACH unit. She has 8 years of experience. Her and her husband have been married for 5 years. She has a son and a daughter. Kazie has 8 grandchildren and 1 bonus grandchild. She loves performing patient care, assisting with wound care, and making people smile. She loves to dance and travel!

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