Why You Should Get a COVID Booster and Flu Shot This Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped highlight the importance of everyday health and the profound effect immunization has in combating illness. Getting your annual flu shot and COVID-19 booster shot can help protect you from the influenza virus and Covid variants present this year. While a yearly shot doesn’t guarantee you’ll never get sick again, it can help you stay protected this flu season. 

The Basics

We continue to learn more about COVID-19 as the years and research progress. One of the things we know it has in common with the flu virus is that it can mutate and adapt, creating different strains. Neither is just a simple virus or disease. They both evolve to adapt to possible hosts. Although the flu did not get as much attention during the pandemic, it never went away.

It’s essential to understand that the flu is dangerous—hospitalising up to 960,000 people in the US every year due to complications related to influenza infections

The flu is particularly dangerous for certain people. Complications and higher risk of significantly more severe illness are most common in these groups:

  • People over the age of 65
  • Pregnant women
  • People with immunocompromising diseases, such as HIV/AIDs or Lupus 
  • Cancer patients 
  • Diabetics and asthmatics 

If you are within the above groups, it’s essential to take your health seriously and consult with a doctor to book your annual flu shot for added protection against this year’s influenza. 

Reducing Risks 

The flu shot works by triggering an immune response in your body. This response teaches your body how to fight off influenza if it comes into contact with it. This process ensures that you’re safe and protected. The vaccine can help you reduce the risks of developing further serious complications caused by the flu. 

With the rise in COVID-19 infections and variants, it’s vital to maintain your health. Contracting the flu can weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to COVID-19 and putting you at risk of life-threatening complications. The flu vaccine can help reduce the risk of flu and lower your chances of severe complications. 

The Important Information

It’s crucial to remember that flu shots are needed annually as viruses evolve and adapt to their environment. Scheduling a yearly shot can help build your immunity to various strains expected to be around throughout the year. The flu shot that you had last year might not protect you against the variants around this year—or the next. 

When booking your flu shot appointment, remember to discuss your medical history and allergies with your healthcare professional at the Regional Medical Center. If you are unsure or concerned, speak to your provider and ask questions. Your comfort is as important as your health. 

Can You Coadminister the Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines?

If you’re due for your COVID-19 booster shot at the same time as your annual flu shot, you can save time and get them both during the same appointment. According to the CDC, there is no added risk to getting both vaccines at the same time. However, you should always consult with your primary care provider for any questions or concerns you may have about coadministration or getting both shots at once.

Accessible Health Care

The flu shot has become one of the most widely accessible forms of health care available to everyone. Most medical plans include the flu shot within their annual plan. By ensuring that you get a flu shot as a part of your yearly healthcare, you can reduce the number of sick days you need to take off work. 

There are different types of flu shots tailored to your individual needs. Speak to your medical professional about a needleless vaccine or a shot tailored to your elderly relatives’ needs. 

RMC Cares—Book Your COVID Booster and Flu Shot Today

At RMC, we care about your health. If you are concerned or would like more information on annual flu shots and COVID-19 booster shots, get in touch with us today. We are happy to discuss your health and walk you through the process with accurate information to help you make the best decision for your health.