Staying Overnight in the Hospital as an Expecting Mother—Don’t Forget These

As you approach your due date, you probably have a lot of thoughts going through your head. You’re excited to meet your new baby. You’re nervous about the delivery. And you’re not sure what to pack for your hospital stay. 

We’re here to help you prepare for your delivery and time at the hospital. Be sure that you have everything you need, without overpacking and hauling a heavy bag around, by following this packing list.

What You Need to Pack

  • Chapstick. Hospitals are cold, and the air is dry. That means chapstick should be the first thing you put in your overnight hospital bag. Keep those lips hydrated!
  • Slippers. Again, hospitals are cold! Keep your feet warm with some slippers. Also, keep in mind that your feet will (unfortunately) be even more swollen than usual, so your slippers are likely to be the only thing that’ll fit.
  • Phone Charger. How are you going to take all those newborn photos if your phone is dead? Be sure to pack a phone charger for taking photos and contacting friends and family!
  • Toiletries. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, dry shampoo, face wipes, deodorant. You’re going to want to freshen up at some point during your hospital stay. Be sure to bring your contacts, contact solution, and glasses, too. 
  • Going Home Clothes. Pack some (comfy) maternity clothes for yourself and a cute onesie for the baby. Also, be sure to throw in some cold-weather gear if your baby’s born in the winter.
  • Car Seat. Last but not least, be sure to have your new car seat installed before the baby is born!

What You Can Leave at Home

  • Diaper Products. You’re going to be changing diapers, so you need to bring some with you, right? Wrong! We’ll have everything you need for diaper changing.
  • Pre-Pregnancy Clothes. Look, we know that all expecting mothers want to get back into their pre-pregnancy clothes. But your body is going to need some time to heal after giving birth. Pack some comfortable maternity clothes to wear on your way home from the hospital.
  • Makeup Bag. You just gave birth to a living, breathing baby. No one expects you to have a full face of makeup!
  • Tons of Entertainment. Believe it or not, you’re not going to have a ton of downtime while in delivery. Keep your phone close by if you’re desperate for entertainment, but no need to pack multiple books, movies, and magazines. Odds are, you’ll spend most of your free time sleeping anyway.

What’s Next for Expecting Mothers?

Now that you know what to expect and know what to pack, you can get your bag ready and keep it in a convenient, easy-to-reach place so you can grab it on the way out the door. You can trust the medical experts at RMC to provide you and your baby with the highest level of care. Our Women’s and Children’s Pavilion is committed to patient safety, comfort, and guiding new parents through one of the happiest moments in life. Contact us today to learn more about how you can deliver at RMC.