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Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Traveling is one of the most stressful things in life, even when you aren’t pregnant—and when you are, it can be a scary, emotional experience. Pregnancy changes your mind and your body, so even if you’re used to traveling, it’s a different ballgame now! Keep reading for some simple (but life-saving) pregnancy travel tips. 

#1: Wear Comfy Clothes

This one might sound like a complete no-brainer, but being pregnant comfy is different than being regular comfy. You’ll be sitting for hours on end, either in a car or in a tiny plane seat. Make sure you aren’t wearing anything that will pull at you or squeeze you too much—try on your outfit beforehand and sit in for a bit! You might be surprised—some elastic clothes can still feel too tight when sitting. 

#2: Neck Pillow

If you’re sleeping or riding in a car, bring a travel pillow. This little item is a life-saver even when you aren’t pregnant! You’re exhausted from growing a person anyway, and travel will only make you more tired, so try to sleep as much as you can. Using a travel pillow will help you avoid any extra neck or back pain.

#3: Pack a Snack

Nothing amplifies stress like being hangry. You’ll need some extra energy to make it through your travel day, so pack a few snacks. You’re eating for two, after all, and you know by now that you don’t have to be active to get hungry often. Pack some fruit, trail mix, granola bar, or anything that’s accessible and easy to pack. You’ll have some energy boosts throughout the day, plus you won’t have to buy any expensive airport food or unhealthy gas station food. 

#4: Water Bottle

If you’re flying, you won’t be able to bring a filled water bottle through security. Make sure you bring an empty one to fill up later. The air inside a plane cabin is very drying for your body—you’ll need more water than usual. Plus you’re pregnant, so that means you need even more water. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, and be prepared to pee every five seconds. 

#5: Use the Bathroom

Speaking of peeing every five seconds, make sure you’re using the restroom whenever possible—not just when you feel like you have to go. 

You’ve probably noticed already that your bathroom trips are growing more and more frequent.

Your baby is most likely pushing up against your bladder and making you have to use the bathroom more than usual, so it’s a good idea to take every opportunity you can. This especially applies to flying—no one likes those tiny plane bathrooms. Use the bathroom when you get to your gate, then use it again before boarding even if you don’t feel like you have to. 

#6: Pack Some Tea

One of the best ways to calm down if traveling while pregnant (since you can’t exactly grab a drink at the airport bar) is to have a nice warm cup of tea. This is a great alternative way to calm your nerves that doesn’t involve medication—it’s a healthier option for you and your baby. Not to mention, traveling is germy! Drinking tea with sickness-fighting properties will ensure you enjoy your vacation. 

#7: Have a Plan

There are plenty of areas in life where you can wing it, and everything goes just fine. Traveling should not be one of those areas. Travel stress always occurs when the unexpected happens, so lay out careful plans—it’s the best way to ensure that nothing is more stressful than it needs to be (because some things are out of your control). Double check your flights, get to the airport in plenty of time, double check hotel and dinner reservations, etc. so you aren’t caught off guard. 

#8: Book an Aisle Seat

Avoid getting wedged between two people with an aisle seat. It allows for the most possible room (still not much) to stretch out on a plane, and the most freedom to move around. You’ll probably be getting up frequently to use the bathroom or stretch your legs, and an aisle seat means you won’t have to squeeze your belly past the other people in your row. You’ll be able to get up as often as you need to with zero guilt. 

#9: Pack Light

Anything you aren’t sure about, leave it behind. This also ties into having a carefully laid out plan—have your activities and outings planned already, so that you can pack specific outfits you know you’ll need instead of packing multiple options for all possible scenarios. Don’t be afraid to rewear things either! If you’re going on vacation, you probably won’t see those people again anyway. Try to only bring the necessities, and remember that if you’re staying in a hotel, they’ll have most toiletries available for you! 

#10: Travel with Someone

The stress of traveling is tripled when you’re alone. If things go wrong, you have to handle them by yourself. Try to travel with your partner or a friend. Going somewhere with family? Try to book the same flights. While traveling alone can be freeing, and is an important experience to have, save it for when you aren’t pregnant. You’ll want an extra set of eyes, someone to get you water or food if you’re feeling sick, and some general support. 

It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before traveling while pregnant. For more pregnancy tips and advice, contact RMC today!