Things to Do With Your Mom on Mother’s Day

At the very least, your mom is the reason you exist! While she probably deserves her own private island, what she probably wants more than anything is quality time with you. You can get her a scented candle, or you can plan something fun for you to do on Mother’s Day!

Retail Therapy

Take your mom shopping! You can go to her favorite stores and encourage her to treat herself! You could also visit some local thrift stores—it’ll be easier on your wallet, and you’re sure to find some vintage styles you can both appreciate.

Weekend Getaway

If you have the time, plan a full weekend getaway for you and your mom. Pick a theme you know she’ll love—maybe she’d enjoy a spa package at a fancy hotel, or an eclectic airbnb with lots of fun dinner options. Tailor it to her and she’ll have a great time no matter where you go!

Make Her Favorite Dish

She spent years taking care of you—it’s time to return the favor! Treat her to a homemade dinner or a dessert she really loves, and make sure she doesn’t lift a finger. The cherry on top? Do the dishes afterward!

Mother-Daughter Yoga

As a grown-up take on mommy and me, spend Mother’s Day in a fun class together. She’ll feel relaxed and energized, not to mention there are usually great deals and discounts for moms on Mother’s Day.

The Great Outdoors

If your mom’s the adventurous type, plan something fun to do outdoors together. It could be an afternoon hike, or a full-on camping trip! There’s even glamping for moms who like to see the great outdoors, but don’t necessarily want to be up close and personal with them.

Sports Games

If your mom likes sports even a little bit, going to a game is always fun. It will give you something interesting to watch (and yell at), but you can still chat, eat, drink, and have a great time.


If she’s not like other moms—she’s a cool mom—take her to a karaoke bar! You can do a duet together, belt out your old favorite songs, or she can watch you embarrass yourself alone!

Game Night

If your mom likes to play card games or board games, invite some people over for a game night! You can have all her favorite games, snacks, and drinks set up. Make sure all she has to do is show up, and have fun!

Homemade Spa Night

You can pamper yourself without going to an expensive spa. Make bath bombs, face masks, lip balms, etc. together and put on a fun chick flick. You can paint your nails fun colors, put in some hair rollers, and pig out on junk food.

Road Trip

Pick a place—not too far away—and hop in the car! Make a playlist together of all your favorite road trip songs, stock up on your favorite snacks, and enjoy the journey before you enjoy the destination.

Her Hobby

If your mom has a serious hobby, like bowling or gardening, dedicate a day or an evening to that thing! Immersing yourself in something important to her, and spending quality time, will make her Mother’s Day.

Whatever you end up doing for Mother’s Day, make sure you celebrate her! And for all things motherhood, contact Regional Medical Center today.