Can I Really Start Labor Naturally?

A lot of things during pregnancy feel out of your control, but labor doesn’t necessarily have to be one of them! If you’re nearing the end, here are a few home remedies you can try to get labor started naturally.


Walking is one of the most common and effective ways to start labor naturally. Being upright will help encourage your baby to move down onto your cervix, as well as get your endorphins flowing, which will help relax your muscles. Just be sure not to tire yourself out too much—you’ll need your energy!

Eating Dates

There have been several small studies that have shown eating six dates a day during the final month of your pregnancy can encourage your cervix to dilate. Again, don’t overdo it, but many women have had success with this method.

Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea

Drinking this in your third trimester may help tone the muscles of your womb, encouraging things to move along. Don’t gulp it down, though! Too much can have too strong of an effect, causing intense contractions that will leave your baby feeling distressed. Don’t have raspberry leaf tea more than three times daily to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Complementary Therapies

Although most evidence for these remedies is anecdotal, many women have had labor success through acupuncture, reflexology and shiatsu massage. Relaxation is key to beginning labor in a natural way, so you can try these methods at home, or see if your maternity unit offers them.

Blowing up Balloons

This is an odd one, but it’s worked for many women! Blowing up balloons creates a build up of abdominal pressure and can start your labor pretty quickly.

If none of these at-home remedies work for you and your labor hasn’t started naturally by the time you reach 42 weeks, your doctor will most likely offer to induce your labor. If this isn’t something you want, you can keep trying at-home methods, but you’ll be monitored closely to make sure your baby doesn’t suffer any health problems for being late.

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