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What to Expect from OB Visits: the First Trimester

You’re having a baby – we’re so excited for you!

It’s going to be a wild but fulfilling ride for you over the next nine months, and nothing during this journey is more important than making sure you and baby are as healthy as possible.

That means seeing your OB-GYN often, especially in the all-important first trimester.

What can you expect from your OB visits in the first three months of your pregnancy? Let’s take a look.

What Will Happen in the First Trimester: the First Visit

During the first trimester, there are a few things that will be important to be aware of and monitor.

The risk for miscarriage, for example, is highest in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. So, your doctor will want to meet often to monitor the progress of the pregnancy and keep track of things that could indicate difficulty down the road.

Around the 6- to 8-week mark, you’ll have your first visit with your doctor, in which he or she will go over your medical history and get as much data as possible. At this stage, your doctor may see something in your medical history that will need to be monitored because it could cause difficulties later on.

You’ll also get tested for anything and everything, from anemia to sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, you can expect a Pap smear.

Essentially, this visit sets the tone for the rest of the trimester.

Going Through the First 12 Weeks and OB Visits

At some point early in the first trimester – sometimes even during the initial visit – you’ll get your first ultrasound. The doctor is looking for normal growth of the fetus, and checking for any abnormalities.

You’ll also go to your OB-GYN multiple times. During each visit, your vital signs will be taken. Your urine will also be tested for protein and glucose (sugar). You’ll likely experience morning sickness during the first three months, which means monitoring your weight will be important. If you lose too much weight, you could be at risk and will need weekly visits instead of monthly ones.

As you go through the first 12 weeks, you and your doctor will develop a better understanding of your pregnancy. He or she will be making sure you’re generally healthy and that your pregnancy is developing as planned.

Problems Leading to Risk in the First Trimester

There are several things that could lead to problems during the first three months. These conditions include:

Alcohol/drug abuse
Chronic hypertension
Thyroid disease
Previous miscarriages or stillbirths
Abnormal Pap smear

These conditions may require treatment, but there’s a delicate balance because what is good for the mother may not be good for the baby. Your doctor will help you navigate these as you start your pregnancy.

Bottom Line: OB-GYN Visits Are Important!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to visit your doctor as often as he or she directs during the first three months. This is a critical part of your pregnancy. We want your baby to develop in a healthy way, and that starts as soon as possible after conception.

Find a qualified and friendly OB-GYN at one of our locations and schedule your initial visit – and let us help you care for you and your growing family!