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It’s worth it! Mike and Andrea Mongiello drove two hours to experience birth as they designed it.

EACH YEAR, more than 1,800 newborns begin life at the Women’s and Children’s Center at Regional Medical Center (RMC) in Anniston. With a team of specially trained nurses, highly qualified physicians, and the latest in labor, delivery and recovery care here, parents experience a safe, personal and comfortable environment for one of life’s most precious milestones.

At RMC, families have more choices, care options and support throughout the birthing experience. As the first Baby-Friendly Hospital
in Alabama, our collaborative team of doctors and nurses stands ready to help you realize your birthing plan—from the admissions process to childbirth classes, labor and delivery, postpartum and lactation support.

Their best interests at heart

Mike and Andrea “Andy” Mongiello interviewed physicians and toured birthing centers close to home in Cullman, Birmingham and Anniston, and even in Tennessee. They started the journey not knowing who or where they would choose, but knowing for certain what they wanted in a birthing plan.

Jan. 20, 2016, they welcomed
baby Alyssa to their family with
the medical expertise of Joshua Johannson, MD, obstetrician, and the clinical support and assistance of the Women’s and Children’s team at RMC Anniston.

“Through our local doula, we learned about Dr. Johannson,” says Mike. “We wanted a physician and hospital that would support an all-natural, low-intervention birth. After meeting with the doctor
and touring the hospital, we were impressed with everyone we met and everything we heard.”

The Mongiellos found that at RMC, Dr. Johannson and the care team welcomed their birthing plan, skin-to-skin bonding, breastfeeding and rooming in. “They embraced everything,” Andy says. “They were OK with Mike receiving the baby… everything.”

That said, when they learned that the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around Alyssa’s neck, they were thankful to be surrounded by the clinical expertise of the RMC team and the wonders of modern medicine. “Things don’t always go exactly as planned…it’s hard to anticipate complications,” Andy says. “We were glad to be among ‘friends and family’ at RMC.”

Throughout the entire experience— in the months leading up to Alyssa’s birth, through labor and delivery, in postpartum, the nursery and even after discharge—Andy and Mike felt as if they were part of a
family at RMC, as if they were
the only patient of concern at any moment in time.

“When friends share their amazement that we drove two hours for doctor’s appointments, hospital tours and finally Alyssa’s birth, I just say, ‘Believe me, it’s worth it!’” Andy shares. “You will get the birth you want.”

The Mongiellos recall the support of RMC’s certified lactation consultants, not only in the hospital but also since they’ve been home. “They were there whenever I asked for them,” Andy says. “And they’ve called to check on us several times since coming home. I’ve never had a hospital follow up with me. It’s incredible that patient care at RMC doesn’t stop at discharge.”

Both Mike and Andy served in the U.S. Navy, have medical backgrounds and several physician relatives,
and currently serve as volunteer EMTs. So their expectations were high. Although they heart.”

“We could not imagine a better experience,” Mike says in a thank-you note to the CEO. “We traveled two hours to Anniston countless times during our pregnancy. Every time we made the drive, it was worth the joy we found. Thank you for an amazing experience!”