RMC Engages Birmingham-based Aristo ER Team to Staff RMC and RMC Jacksonville Emergency Departments

Regional Medical Center (RMC) is pleased to announce an afflication with Aristo ER, a Birmingham-based emergency department operations and management firm, to staff board-certified emergency medicine physicians at both the RMC Anniston and RMC Jacksonville campuses. The new ER staffing contract with Aristo ER begins on Friday, February 26th at both facilities, according to Louis Bass, CEO of RMC Anniston.

“Aristo and the UAB Department of Emergency Medicine will work cooperatively with RMC nursing leadership to positively impact the patient experience by recruiting highly qualified physicians and developing and mentoring all clinical staff,” explained Bass. “Patients at RMC Anniston and Jacksonville will see a higher level of qualified physicians in conjunction with strong nursing leadership unequaled and unmatched in Calhoun County. Providing the physician leadership coupled with the strong nursing team will allow the RMC facilities to continue to be a top tier regional provider of emergency department care. The ER’s at RMC Anniston and RMC Jacksonville are open and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to treat you and your family with the most capable and competent group of emergency room physicians, nursing staff, and management available in Calhoun County.”

Bass added that the depth and strength of Aristo’s affiliation with UAB Department of Emergency Medicine includes extensive resources with access to multi-specialties 24/7, strategic thinking, and a concentration of evidence based medicine and leading edge physician management skills.

According to Rich Street, CEO of Aristo ER, the affilation between Aristo and UAB’s Department of Emergency Medicine will provide RMC with an outstanding team of emergency medicine physicians, many who are emergency department board certified, who will manage both emergency departments against nationally and regionally recognized benchmarks in the areas of patient triage, patient throughput, total length of stay, and the quality of physician interactions.

“Aristo’s ER services are built on a culture of teamwork, innovation and a commitment to the local community,” explained Street. “Our ER physician teams are driven by quality and measuring against specific national and regional benchmarks. We work hand-in-hand with administrative and nursing leadership at RMC to enhance, improve and manage the emergency department services at both RMC Anniston and Jacksonville emergency rooms and create a parallel patient experience across the two departments.”

UAB’s management team will be shadowing and mentoring physician development with Aristo. This in-depth educational programs and experience in the management of critically acute patients will provide tremendous value to RMC’s emergency department and benefit patients with high standards of care, and increased patient satisfaction.

“Our aim is to see RMC recognized as a regional leader in emergency care using national and regional benchmarks in patient triage, throughput, length of stay and quality of physician interactions,” explained Street. “The ultimate benefit is an enhanced care experience for the patient.”

About Aristo

As the front door of the hospital, emergency department operations impact the entire organization. Aristo provides emergency department optimization services including management, staffing, and revenue cycle management. Headquartered in Birmingham, Aristo is a local company with deep connections to physicians and hospital facilities across the southeast. Aristo is experienced in helping emergency departments achieve high levels of emergency department performance.

About Regional Medical Center (RMC)

With 338 inpatient beds at RMC in Anniston, 89 beds at RMC in Jacksonville, and numerous outpatient facilities and services, RMC is the provider of choice for more than 13,500 inpatients, 57,000 outpatients, 1,380 newborn deliveries and 42,000 emergency room visits each year. Key health services provided include cardiovascular, oncology, orthopedic and women’s/maternity care, as well as most major specialties for the right care close to home. More than 1,600 employees, 300 volunteers and 200 physicians in a full range of specialties provide state-of-the-art healthcare with integrity, skill and compassion. RMC is accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer (CoC), is an affiliate in the UAB Cancer Care Network, is recognized as a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama Distinction Center for Maternity Care®, and is the first Baby-Friendly birthing facility in Alabama. For more information, visit www.RMCcares.org.