Regional Medical Center (RMC) Board of Directors Appoints Gregory Kernion as Trustee Emeritus

The Regional Medical Center (RMC) Board of Trustees announced this week that Gregory J. Kernion has been appointed as a Trustee Emeritus of the RMC Board.

Appointed in 2008 by the City of Anniston as a Trustee of the RMC Board of Directors, Kernion served faithfully in service to RMC until May 31, 2015, fulfilling more than seven years of unwavering service to the hospital board and his fellow trustees, executives, patients, physicians, surgeons, nursing staff, employees, and to the local community.

Throughout his tenure, Kernion was an active, goal-oriented and effective board member serving in a variety of committee leadership roles including: Physical Facilities, Marketing, Finance, Executive and Strategic Vision committees. He was appointed in 2010 to serve as director of Regional Health Management Corporation, an affiliate entity of the Regional Medical Center Board, and ultimately, was elected and served as Chairman of its Board of Directors. In 2012, he was elected by his fellow directors to serve as Chairman of the Regional Medical Center Board and served in that capacity until his term as Chairman expired in May 2015.

During this time, Kernion successfully led RMC’s Board of Trustees, medical staff and executive team to ensure the long-term viability of the Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center Health System as a provider of the highest quality health and medical services with the development, adoption and implementation of a seminal strategic plan along with contract negotiations with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

“On behalf of the executive team, medical staff and trustees, it is both a pleasure and privilege to recognize Greg Kernion for his extraordinary dedication, leadership and contributions to the advancement and future growth of RMC,” said Louis A. Bass, RMC’s President and CEO. “Greg’s dedication to this board and service to RMC is marked by his strong leadership abilities, a straightforward, enthusiastic and driven spirit and a constant practice of generously crediting others with whom he served for their efforts and contributions. We are honored to recognize his unwavering commitment, dedication and many contributions to the RMC family and the Anniston community.”