Volunteer Opportunities

Reinvesting Time and Resources to Expand State-of-the-Art Health Care Services and Technologies in Our Community

RMC Auxiliary … not ‘just” a volunteer opportunity…. It’s a calling…

The Volunteer or Auxiliary program at RMC dates back more than 50 years.  This dedicated group of more than 120 men and women provide a necessary and very vital function for the staff, patients and management of RMC each and every day.  It is often the face of the volunteer that first greets the patient. Volunteers play a vital role in the day-to-day operations and give their time, talent, and dedication throughout RMC. They come from unique backgrounds, but share a heart for helping others. Our volunteers support our mission of providing state of the art health care with integrity to the people we serve.

RMC volunteers are warm and caring individuals dedicated to enhancing the services of our health system. They provide assistance on a daily basis to patients, families and healthcare professionals.

Delores Rodz 2017 RMC Volunteer of the Year

Our enthusiastic team of volunteers provide patients comfort in more than 20 different service areas within our two hospitals, RMC and RMC Jacksonville, including:

  • Emergency departments
  • Same Day Surgery and pre-surgical area
  • Hospital Lobby front desk
  • and many other departments

There are a variety of ideal volunteer roles that fit individual time schedules, abilities and interests.

Click here to download our Volunteer Application

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