Center For Balance Disorders

Restoring Balance and Quality to your life!!!

Dizziness, falls, fall-related injuries and the fear of falling can significantly diminish the length and quality of human life; moreover, they can decrease a person’s physical activity, social activity and the ability to live independently. Falls are the leading cause of injury in younger and older adults, and the leading cause of death in those over 85 years old. Falls and the fear of falling can even cause a person to be institutionalized.

There is Good News: Falls can be prevented!

Contrary to popular beliefs, loss of balance and mobility are not inevitable as we grow older. Eighty percent of patients that have dizziness and balance disorders can be helped, even cured. Whatever the cause of dizziness and imbalance, it is not something you or your loved ones have to live with.

Located in the Rehabilitation Services Department in the Tyler Center at Regional Medical Center, the Tyler Center for Balance Disorders offers a unique, comprehensive service to diagnose and treat dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, and walking disorders.

Utilizing brand new, state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment technology, RMC has a team of Licensed Physical Therapists specifically trained and certified to deal with dizziness and balance disorders that look beyond traditional clinical approaches to detect and actively treat these disorders.

The RMC Tyler Center for Balance Disorders uses the same breakthrough technology as NASA; technology originally created to diagnose and treat the cause of dizziness and loss of balance in astronauts upon their return from shuttle missions.

There are only a TWO (2) treatment facilities in the State of Alabama that have access to such sophisticated technology. And, RMC is proud to be one of them!

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