Oncology Services

Oncologist Anniston - Oncology Services

When they need an oncologist, Anniston cancer patients and their families want to know they are trusting their health to the best. Regional Medical Center of Anniston offers cutting edge treatments and compassionate care to all of its patients.

RMC’s commitment to advanced treatment and advanced care is a large part of its certified comprehensive cancer care program. Three board-certified medical oncologists and one board certified radiation oncologist diagnose and treat patients with all types of cancers including lung, colon, esophageal, breast, ovarian, prostate and lymphoma. The hospital’s dedicated Oncology Unit is staffed by certified nurses specially trained in cancer treatment. And the team’s multidisciplinary approach for each patient means patients benefit from the knowledge, experience and research of physicians, nurses, clinicians, technicians, dieticians, pharmacists, therapists, counselors, chaplains and many others.

RMC’s advanced treatment and advanced care also means that the latest technology is available. CT scanners, a PET/CT Scanner and a 16-Slice CT Scanner are all available for cancer diagnosis. For instance, having the CT scan done at the same time as the PET scan, without moving the patient off the scanning bed, provides the most accurate means to diagnose and localize diseases in patients. The 16-slice CT means shorter exam times and improved image quality. Varian Acuity Simulator permits the most sophisticated and safest equipped means of setting up and verifying radiation treatments for patients.

Other oncology services include:

* Outpatient Chemotherapy
* Cancer Registry
* Clinical Trials

For more information about RMC’s Oncology Services, call us to schedule an appointment with an oncologist. Anniston cancer patients find that they have hope at RMC.