Guide To Hospital

RMC’s Hospital Guide is designed to help you in the event that you or a loved one needs to be admitted to the hospital or you are visiting a patient. This information should answer your questions regarding what to expect, what to bring, where to park, meals and other questions you may have. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact RMC at (256) 235-5121.

Patient and Visitor Information
To obtain a room number or phone number of a particular patient, dial patient information at (256) 235-5000. If you know the patient's room number, their phone number will be (256) 235-5 + the 3-digit room number.  Patients located in the Women and Children's Center or in Same Day Surgery may be reached by dialing (256) 741 + the 4 digit room number.

For assistance in finding a physician, contact the Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center Physician Finder service at (256)231-8880.