Donor Listing

Benefactors $1,000+

Mrs. Margaret Guy
Dr. and Mrs. Vance G. Moore
Col. and Mrs. Greg Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wright
Mr. David W. Seely,
Longfellow Investment Management Company, Boston, MA
Mr. Bob Love
Westinghouse Anniston

Patron Associates $500 - $999

Calhoun County Medical Alliance - Mrs. Erna Hardy, President
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brothers
Ms. Barbara Bryant
Drs. Blane Bateman & Margaret Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Edwards, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawrence, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Stewart
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Talbot, Jr.
Sable Community Broadcasting

Sponsors Associates $100 - $499

Altrusa Internation, Inc. of Anniston, AL
Mr. & Mrs. William Acker, III
Mr. William F. Andrews
Anniston Anaesthesia PA
Anniston Ear, Nose and Throat
Anniston Family Practice PC
Anniston Neurology & Headache Management
Anniston OB/GYN Associates PC
Anniston Orthopaedic Associates PA
Anniston Pathology
Anniston Pulmonary and Critical Care
Anniston Radiology Group PC
Anniston Urologic Associates
Dr. and Mrs. G. Fred Atwell
Dr. and Mrs. Fred C. Ballard
Ms. Mary S. Bernhar
Ms. Anna Berry
Drs. Igor and Tatiana Bidikov
Mrs. and Mrs. Ralph Bolt
Dr. and Mrs. Kirby K. Bryant
Dr. Marilyn Ann Burson
Cardiothoracic Surgery of ANniston
Dr. and Mrs. C. Neal Canup
Dr. Vishala Chindalore
WMU Bible Study Group Lakeview Baptist Church, Oxford
Anniston Medical Clinic
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Coley
Dr. Charles A. Cooper
Dr. Richard A. Curtin
Dr. James S. Daniel
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene L Evans
Dr. and Mrs. William Ferguson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Flanders
Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Fletcher
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Fockele
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Freeman
Mr. David F. Friedman
Mrs. Farley M. Galbraith
Golden Springs Garden Club
Ms. Margaret S. Gilley
Mrs. Jane Halsey
Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Hill
Dr. James Hixon
Internal Medicine Associates PC
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Donald D. King
Mr. Joe A. Kirkland
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kline
Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Lampru
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Locke
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Malone
Dr. Neal Van Marter
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Martin
Mrs. and Mrs. James H. Meigs
Mrs. and Mrs. J. Michael Monroe
Dr. and Mrs. Gary H. Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Morrow
Mrs. Emma Kirk Moyer
Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center Board of Directors
NHC Healthcare - Rebecca Helton
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Plummer
Dr. and Mrs Gary M. Ray
Dr. Thomas Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Sanguinetti
Mr. and Mrs. W. Glea Sarrell, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Warren G. Sarrell, Sr.
Mr. Stephen A. Sawyer
Church of the Good Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Simmons, III
Springs Industry, Piedmont - Douglas Scott
The Surgical Clinic of Anniston
- Bobby Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sylvester
Dr. Thomas Twele
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Vandervoort
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Warren
Dr. and Mrs. James E. West
Ms. Helen L. Weymouth
Mrs. William E. White
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Willett
Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Willingham
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson
Mr. and Ms. P.O. Box Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Woodall
Dr. and Mrs. David Zinn

Active Associates $50 - $99

Anniston Cardiology Associates PA
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brady
Major Marshal A. Brown (USAF RET)
Mrs. Emma J. Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Bumpious
Dr. L. Gary Craddock
Mr. Larry K. Deason
Mrs. and Mrs. Fred M. Denney
Ms. Barbara G. Fant
Dr. Robert Grubbe
Mrs. Patricia Grubbe, RN
Dr. and Mrs. F. Leigh Hemphill
Ms. Maudine Holloway
Mrs. Ravee Hughes
Dr. R. Earl Jones, Jr.
Ms. Vera Jordan
Mrs. Judy Mabry
Mrs. Martha McNaron
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Theron E. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Newsom
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Phillips
Dr. Margaret J. Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schoenberg
Dr. and Mrs. S. Rush Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Springer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Stubbs
Mr. and Mrs. John Toland
Mr. and Mrs. John Truslow
Mr. William J. Tutwiler, Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Vanadore
Mrs. Joy Webb
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Williams
Women's Executive Network
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Woodruff, Jr.

Friends under $50

Autumn Cove - Michael Cassidy
Ms. Linda Backus
Ms. Darlene Bain
Ms. Siri Barnes
Mrs. Ruth F. Bodenheimer
Mr. DeWayne Borden
Mr. Johnnie Carr
Mrs. Jean Cooper
Ms. Trish Crossley
Mrs. Pauline T. (Polly) Cupp
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Dawson
Ms. Mary Kay Decker
Ms. Anita Dempsey
Ms. Geri Doyle
Eulaton United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ferguson
Ms. Ann Marie Fink
Mrs. Virginia K. Fulmer
Ms. Nadine Gerard
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gould
Ms. Sherry Hannah
Ms. Joyce Horne
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Houston
Mr. Matt Howell
Ms. Rochelle Jones
Ms. Linda Kennedy
Mrs. Janie M. Killough
Dr. A. O. Ladipo-Sanusi
Mr. and Mrs. John Land
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lawler
Ms. Cindy Long
Ms. Cissy Martin
Dr. Tamara McIntosh
Dr. Barbara Moersch
Dr. Jose Oblena
Patient First Healthcare - Dr. Edwin Keel
Ms. Melody Pelham
Ms. Sadie Ray
Mr. Brandon E. Rogers
RMC Orthopaedic Department
RMC Same Day Surgery Department
Mr. Peter F. D. Schultze
Dr. Beatrice Smith
Ms. Diane Smith
Ms. Judy Sparks
Ms. Angela Waldrup
Ms. Diana Watson
Ms. Lakon Watson
Ms. Judy Whaley
Ms. Pamela A. Wood