Behavioral Health Care

Helping those struggling with behavioral, emotional and substance abuse issues

Behavioral Health Program

RMC offers a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient behavior treatment program for adults, families, health professionals and seniors and one of two locations, RMC Anniston or RMC Jacksonville. Our Behavioral Health program provides an integrated approach that is focused on improving and caring for health and overall mental well-being of our patients.

RMC’s Behavioral Health program is meant to encourage, equip and empower patients and their families to achieve and maintain recovery from distress, mental illness or addiction by compassionately offering research-based interventions with dedicated staff.

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As northeast Alabama’s only provider of comprehensive and continuum of care for behavioral health services, we offer a multi-disciplinary team with more than 60 highly trained mental health professionals. RMC’s inpatient treatment programs are located at both RMC Anniston and Jacksonville and staffed by Board-Certified Psychiatrists, Certified Registered Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses and other clinicians.

Services offered at the RMC Anniston location include:

  • Inpatient adult and geriatric psychiatric unit
  • Outpatient Behavioral Health Services
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Medication Management and Therapy

Services offered at RMC Jacksonville location include:

Genesis Senior Emotional Care Treatment Program

Portrait of Elderly Man Smiling At The Camera

Declining physical health, diminished mental processes, separation from lifetime companions, and the loss of personal independence can be overwhelming and trigger serious behavioral or emotional problems in senior adults, ages 50 and older. Specialty treatment can help make significant improvement in qualify of life for these individuals.

Genesis Senior Emotional Care (S.E.C.) program is an inpatient program located on the campus of RMC Jacksonville dedicated to treating older individuals who may experience serious behavioral or emotional problems. An experienced multi-disciplinary team of medical doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, nurse technicians, an activity coordinator and social workers deliver personalized, customized and compassionate treatment and care for senior adult patients. The goal is to help each patient return to an optimal level of functioning.

To learn more about Genesis Senior Emotional Care program, click here.

Inspire Treatment Services

Inspire Treatment Services at RMC Jacksonville is a 16-bed medical detoxification unit for patients ages 19 and up. All rooms are private. A compassionate clinical treatment team, that includes a physician, nurse, nurse tech, licensed counselors and assistant counselors, cares for each patient in our program.

At Inspire at RMC Jacksonville, we provide medical detoxification, assessments, group therapy, psycho-education, individualized discharge planning and family consultation. The length of stay depends on the individual needs of the patient.

For additional information on RMC’s Inspire Treatment Services, please call our intake number at 1.855.852.2158 or the nurses’ station at 256.782.4330. Hospital staff reviews each consultation for medical clearance and financial approval.

To learn more about Inspire Treatment Services, click here.

Download a PDF of the Inspire Treatment Services Brochure.

Outpatient Treatment Services

Professional, competent and compassionate staff is what separates RMC’s outpatient behavioral health services from other treatment facilities. Our team is attentive to the individual needs of each patient and dedicated to providing high quality services that promote a positive therapeutic treatment experience.

Our outpatient services are meant to serve as a support to any short-term or long-term inpatient stay and include the following programs:



Individual, Couples, Family and Group Psychotherapy for Adults

Physician Services

Physician Services

Psychiatric evaluation, Medication Education and Management



Assessments and follow-up care

24-hour emergency on call care

24-hour emergency on call care

Crisis Intervention, Skills Training Groups, Case Management, Community Integration

Recovery Program for Substance Use

Recovery Program for Substance Use

Located at RMC Jacksonville only

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program and Peer Project

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program and Peer Project

VISTAS program

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